Installation of Frame / Door

Door Installation Instructions

1. Position assembled frame plumb and square in opening. Drill and countersink anchor holes for anchor screws.

Note: Mount all hardware before putting the door frame in the framed opening (closer to be mounted after everything is installed)

2. Holes should be started 6″ from the bottom of each jamb.

Drill at least 3 holes evenly spaced through the glazing pocket of header, they will be concealed by the door stops.

3. Set threshold in bed of sealant or mastic.

4. Shim and secure jambs and header in opening.

5. Secure the threshold (if supplied) to the floor.

6. Install door.

Recheck that the shims and anchors are square with the door.

– All the gaps between the door and frame should be even.

7. Snap in door stops into the frame pocket. The felt should be facing the door.

8. Mount closer.

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